As a long-time Gold Certified Hewlett Packard Enterprise Partner, Meanquest is your point of contact for HPE solutions and services. With GreenLake, HPE offers an “As-a-Service” model that ideally combines all the benefits of cloud and on-premise solutions, while reducing costs and improving IT productivity.

    HPE GreenLake

    The HPE Greenlake Edge-to-Cloud Platform

    Are you looking for operational and financial flexibility? Do you want to simplify your IT?

    Now more than ever, you need to be able to adapt quickly to change.

    The shift to “As-a-Service” models is growing rapidly. Forecasts indicate that by 2023, 60% of enterprises will use more cost-effective flexible IT consumption models (source: 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise study: Cloud, Hosting & Managed Services, Workloads and Key Project 2019″ (451 Research).

    This trend will continue to strengthen. Companies recognize the benefits and, thanks to appropriate “As-a-Service” offers, have permanent access to the latest technologies – without high investment costs.

    HPE GreenLake is a market-leading IT-as-a-Service offering that brings the best of the cloud to your on-premises infrastructure and unifies your devices, clouds, and datacenters.

    “With GreenLake, customers get an ideal solution that perfectly combines agility, scalability and transparency. This model provides businesses with scalable IT that can be flexibly implemented and adapted to business needs as needed.”

    Rolf Isler, Associate Sales Director of HPE Switzerland

    Features of HPE GreenLake

    Revolutionary measurement technology
    Use a payment model based on the use of your local infrastructure. This allows you to stay agile and smooth out unexpected usage spikes with a buffer of local IT resources and easy expansion options in the public cloud.

    Optimized and automated management
    HPE GreenLake Central’s centralized management gives you a unified view of your IT operations and enables infrastructure deployment, monitoring and management with cloud-native controls.

    All the workloads you need
    HPE GreenLake supports almost all HPE technologies. Depending on your needs, knowledge, and internal IT resources, you can choose from pre-configured end-to-end solutions or fully customized solutions. All options offer a wide range of infrastructure choices to meet your needs.

    In conclusion, with Meanquest and the HPE GreenLake program, bring agility and flexibility to your data center and IT budget with monthly costs based on actual infrastructure usage.

    The transition from traditional IT to IT-as-a-service requires careful planning. Our Meanquest experts will work with you to develop an effective action plan.

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    HPE NIMBLE DHCI, a new disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure architecture

    With HCI 2.0, the HPE Nimble dHCI solution, HPE brings even more intelligence and manageability to a hyperconverged infrastructure. Take advantage of a fully virtualized environment with AI support and independent, flexible scaling of servers and storage.

    HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is a hyper-converged system consisting of a combination of HPE Proliant Server, Nimble Array, Nimble Switch, a vCenter management solution and HPE InfoSight. HPE’s complete solution is easy and efficient to manage and convinces with self-optimizing systems, automated diagnostics, early problem detection, and autonomous support services.

    “HPE’s reinvention of HCI solutions with HPE Nimble Storage dHCI dramatically simplifies infrastructure for all applications. We designed the Nimble Storage dHCI solution for mission-critical applications and mixed workloads. As a result, IT costs can be massively reduced due to the agility gained and the flexible scaling of servers and storage systems”

    Rolf Isler, Associate Sales Director of HPE Switzerland


    Smart and simple
    With the dHCI solution, administrators can focus more deeply on applications instead of constant infrastructure management. Hyperconverged control and artificial intelligence-based HPE InfoSight software make it easy for VM administrators to provision, manage, scale, and support the platform.

    Integrated security for your systems
    Fast, uninterrupted applications are guaranteed through a robust design center and predictive analytics. Sub-millisecond latency and high IOPS for high-performance applications and consolidation. 99.9999% availability with automated QOS, advanced data integrity, and comprehensive data protection provide maximum resiliency.

    Efficiently scalable
    Eliminate over-provisioning of HCI solutions. With HPE dHCI, you only need to extend the resources you actually need. The ability to increase computing power and data storage in a non-disruptive and independent manner reduces costs and allows investments to be directed where they are really needed.

    HPE Infosight
    In addition to data-driven analytics and recommendations for workload optimization and distribution, HPE InfoSight’s AI-based solution provides an unparalleled support experience. Connected to more than 100,000 systems, it enables machine learning and helps administrators detect, diagnose and correct problems predictively.

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