New expertise dedicated to safety
    information and support in obtaining ISO 27001 certification

    Meanquest’s acquisition of sequal at the beginning of 2023 will see the integration of a new business line focusing on ISO 27001-compliant information security and compliance with the new Swiss Data Protection Act (nLPD).

    Our ISO 27001 certification, obtained in September 2023, testifies to our commitment to excellence in data security and our ability to effectively resolve major data security issues.

    Information security :
    a turnkey solution for SMEs

    Meanquest proposes three levels of intervention with offers perfectly adapted to the needs of SMEs of all sizes:

    Level 1
    Compliance audit
    & safety

    This offer consists of a one-day intervention to give a clear and precise view of the level of compliance with the new Data Protection Act and the level of exposure to cyber-attacks.

    Level 2
    Cybersecurity support

    Meanquest offers a complete set of solutions to achieve sufficient security: phishing campaigns, vulnerability scanners, outsourced backups, password manager, and more.

    Level 3
    ISO 27001

    Meanquest offers full support in the procedures and documentation required to obtain ISO 27001 certification.

    A scalable offer:
    how far would you like to go?

    DPA compliance and information security:
    discover our support offer

    Our team of experts will support you throughout the data security process, carrying out an in-depth analysis of your organisation’s context, a complete inventory, and an audit report with personalised recommendations.

    We’re here to support SMEs throughout the data security process, helping them to achieve their compliance and security objectives.

    The five main issues
    related to information security

    Data security

    As an SME, where do you start when you want to protect the data you process?

    Demonstrating compliance

    How can an SME demonstrate that it processes data in compliance with data protection legislation?

    Security to suit your budget

    What salary burden does an SME have to bear if it needs to hire an Information Security Manager?

    Access to all necessary safety tools

    What additional resources need to be allocated to find the various tools needed for end-to-end information security?

    Obtaining certifications

    What kind of certification can an SME obtain when it invests in information security?

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