Entrust the responsibility of your IT to the Meanquest Service Center

    Free your business from IT constraints! Opt for a Service Center in line with the expectations of your users.

    Outsource your IT department

    Calling on the Meanquest Service Center gives you the peace of mind you need to devote yourself fully to your business. You will benefit from our in-depth knowledge in the IT field to ensure an optimal quality of service.

    Your advantages


    our Service Center is always available to solve your incidents remotely or on site


    Benefit from structured processes and the experience of our teams


    control your IT costs with suitable packages

    Your adapted and efficient IT infrastructure

    Our teams monitor your IT, anticipate problems and intervene proactively.

    Meanquest Managed Services

    personalised and customisable

    At Meanquest, we offer next-generation Managed Services designed using an agile model. We offer you a local solution, based on proven methods and processes, while maintaining the agility and flexibility necessary to best meet your needs.

    I am interested in

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    User and environment support
    Ensure the continuity of your users' work (and their satisfaction) by minimizing the disruptions they may experience.
    Proximity presence
    Ensure an on-site presence and proximity to your users.
    Infrastructure support
    Maintain the availability of your infrastructure.
    Evolutionary maintenance
    Planned maintenance, allowing immediate corrective actions.
    Monitoring of your infrastructures
    Monitor and notify in real time the variations of the performance of your computer park (servers, workstations, networks, security, peripherals...)
    Operational management of the service
    Our continuous improvement approach provides visibility and performance.
    Computer park management
    Provide an accurate inventory of all your company's hardware and software assets.
    Media coverage
    Provide hourly coverage tailored to your needs

      a monthly plan for all your IT

      Our Managed Services offer allows you to pool certain resources. Above all, better control your budget thanks to an all-inclusive monthly plan.

      Our Service Center

      The Meanquest Service Center handles incidents and service requests. With one objective: to ensure the greatest satisfaction of your users.

      Certified engineers

      who intervene in support
      or for specific requests.


      24/7/365 support availability