Would you like to organize your company’s data storage efficiently?

    Would you like to make your business more agile with a Cloud tailored to your business needs? Meanquest supports you in transforming your datacenter infrastructure, offering solutions tailored to your needs. Find out more about our cloud hosting offers, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our enterprise cloud and its security.

    Meanquest Cloud Solutions

    Our Cloud solutions enable you to outsource all or part of your IT infrastructure. They are based on a private cloud, i.e. your infrastructure is housed in an isolated space for your exclusive use, or in a secure shared cloud. Thanks to outsourcing, you can benefit from greater storage capacity, cloud services to back up your company data, and a complete infrastructure to protect your sensitive data.
    Meanquest offers complete storage solutions, designed, operated and maintained by our teams, end-to-end. They offer greater flexibility and scalability, and can be sized or resized according to your needs.


    Dedicated or shared cloud storage in the Meanquest private cloud.


    Provision of storage space to outsource a copy of your data, based on the Cohesity solution.

    Managed Engine

    Provide an accurate inventory of all your company’s hardware and software assets to support purchasing decisions.


    Monitor and report in real time on variations in the performance of your IT assets (servers, workstations, networks, security, peripherals, etc.).


    To simplify backup and ensure data security, Meanquest offers cloud solutions tailored to your business. Our cloud offering, available since 2013, lets you operate and protect your data on our secure IT services.

    When implementing a Cloud solution, a large part of the project is based on the migration and modernization of existing infrastructures. To ensure that your project runs smoothly, Meanquest places great emphasis on the training and expertise of its cloud consultants. Our know-how and numerous projects have given us the experience to offer you rapid deployment and production start-up.

    Answers to frequently asked questions about cloud hosting

    What are the advantages of a cloud solution?

    • flexibility: as-a-service models allow you to adapt your offer to suit your needs
    • no OPEX investment and pay-as-you-go billing
    • high availability through the use of equipment designed for modern workloads
    • optimal safety thanks to physical separation of sites

    What types of items can be hosted on my cloud servers?

    With this digital transformation, you can host all kinds of files on your cloud servers. Your applications and software, your various databases, your schedules, your business results and your technical data.

    Where are the data centers? How safe is it?

    Meanquest has chosen the services of specialist companies BrainServe SA (based in Crissier) and Safe Host SA (based in Gland). The geographical separation of sites and their organization in a closed, highly secure and redundant network are guarantees of safety.
    The infrastructures provided are fully redundant to guarantee maximum availability.
    Our data centers are classified as Tier IV (Brainserve) and Tier III (Safehost). They are highly secure and protected against any intrusion to guarantee data protection. Thanks to the use of a multitude of hardware resources, if an error is detected on one server, it won’t affect the other sectors containing your corporate data.

    Is the infrastructure shared or not?

    Infrastructure pooling depends on customer needs, business sector and company structure and size. Our cloud computing solutions give you two options. You can have non-mutualized data, i.e. on a private cloud, but also data on a mutualized cloud, which will enable you to reduce your costs, while guaranteeing a high level of security.

    How does migration work?

    Our specialists will analyze your needs and draw up a detailed plan before proposing a customized solution. From the design of your infrastructure to the operation of your information systems, Meanquest takes care of everything!
    Project management and coordination is entrusted to a project manager
    Depending on your data storage, migration takes between x and x days.

    What happens to my data if I decide to terminate my contract with Meanquest?

    If you wish to terminate your contract with Meanquest, the confidentiality of your data will be preserved and it will be transferred in a simple and secure manner to the new storage location of your choice.
    If you have any further questions about our cloud solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

    Managed Services

    In addition to your virtual infrastructure, Meanquest teams can support and maintain your Cloud solution in operational condition through our customized Managed Services offering.
    Coupled with our Managed Services offering, you benefit from advanced supervision and the guarantee of an operational system.