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    What is the main task of a DPO? What does DPO mean? Who is the DPO in a company? Find out everything you need to know about the job and objectives of a DPO.

    Every organization processes personal data and must therefore comply with the Federal Data Protection Act (DPA), or even other binding data protection regulations, such as the RGPD (EU General Data Protection Regulation).

    The Data Protection Officer, also known as the DPO (Délégué à la protection des données), is the real conductor of data protection governance and will be responsible for organizing and ensuring your organization’s compliance with applicable regulations on personal data.

    We carry out the tasks assigned to the DPO for your organization, and are officially appointed external data protection advisor to the supervisory authorities.

    What is a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

    The DPO plays a crucial role in ensuring company compliance with data protection laws and regulations, such as the LPD or RGPD.

    He or she is responsible for organizing and maintaining your organization’s compliance with applicable regulations. He or she has an important advisory role in ensuring that company practices in processing personal data comply with legal requirements.

    The Data Protection Officer monitors the data processing activities collected, conducts audits and impact assessments, and acts as a point of contact for the supervisory authorities.

    He or she may be internal to the company or outsourced. An external DPO, as the name suggests, is not an employee of the company but an external professional hired to perform the DPO’s duties.

    The advantages of using an outsourced DPO

    Benefit from an external team immersed in your company to ensure independence, unlike an in-house person who is necessarily in a subordinate relationship with his or her hierarchy. It gives you a neutral, objective view of how sensitive data is managed within your company.

    Have a dedicated point of contact for questions and projects involving the processing of personal data. An external DPO often brings expertise and experience that may be lacking in-house. He or she is generally up to date with the latest regulatory developments, as this is his or her core business, and can offer a useful outside perspective.

    Tailor-made missions to save you time.

    Our DPOs are recognized professionals with many years’ experience. They are familiar with best market practices thanks to their experience in managing several entities.

    Unlike an in-house employee who will take on the role of DPO, the external specialist has the experience gained from working with several organizations of different natures and sizes. What’s more, outsourcing the DPO role avoids any conflict of interest, particularly in terms of hierarchy or accumulation of roles (speed of operations vs. security).

    What are the duties of the DPO?

    The DPO is a data protection facilitator and advisor. His or her main mission is to support organizations in their compliance with the DPA, and to help them maintain it over time through regular monitoring. He or she can take on a variety of data protection-related tasks, including:

    • Steer and manage the LPD and/or RGPD compliance project.
    • Monitor your organization’s compliance with data protection principles and obligations.
    • Train and raise awareness among the various departments of their data protection obligations.
    • Implement a Data Protection Charter.
    • Act as your organization’s DPA point of contact with the authorities.
    • Raise awareness of the DPA among all your staff.
    • Set up and maintain compliance documentation (registers, policies, procedures, etc.).
    • Provide advice on all aspects of data protection and the implementation of compliance and data security measures.
    • Maintain a legal watch on the protection of personal data, to inform companies of the potential impact of these developments on their organization.

    “Every company should have a genuine data protection compliance and governance program to maintain compliance momentum over time. This will enable the company to set milestones to be reached over a set period of time, as part of a continuous improvement process. At sequal, we work hard on the foundations laid by ISO 27001 and its extension dedicated to personal data protection, ISO 27001, to provide our customers with this dynamic. We believe that these are excellent benchmarks and working tools for achieving sustainable compliance.”

    Colin Chaleon, Data Protection Officer, sequal by Meanquest


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    Colin Chaleon is Data Protection Officer
    at sequal by Meanquest

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    We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the challenges of data protection


    Data protection and information security audit. We examine your practices and determine what actions you need to take to ensure that your personal data is processed in compliance with the DPA. This audit also enables us to identify your potential vulnerabilities.


    We support you in your efforts to comply with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act. We can advise you on the measures to take and best practices.

    Outsourcing the
    DPO function

    We carry out DPO tasks on your behalf. For a group of entities, we may be appointed as the shared DPO for the supervisory authorities.

    Provision of our ISMS (Information Security Management System) platform, designed to identify, assess and manage information security risks.