sequal PHISHING, the Swiss platform dedicated to phishing campaigns

    This solution plays an essential role in raising your users’ awareness of online security.

    Sequal Phishing is a Swiss SaaS (Software as a Service) platform specially designed for companies, and in particular for their information security managers (CISO, DPO, etc.). Its aim is to enable companies to test their users against malicious e-mails.

    Indeed, information security and cybersecurity are primarily a matter for individuals, given that almost 85% of successful computer attacks are caused by errors, negligence or users who have not been made aware of this type of IT threat.

    This solution is at the heart of sequal’s expertise, as we specialize in helping our customers implement best practices in information security, based on the ISO 27001 standard. Indeed, requirement 7.3 and point A.7.2.2 of Appendix A of this standard specifically address the issue of “Information security awareness and training”.

    Phishing remains the preferred method for cybercriminals to infiltrate computer systems!

    Clicking on a malicious link or downloading a malicious attachment can have far-reaching consequences:
    – Access to encrypted data through ransomware
    – Data exfiltration
    – Theft of personal access
    – Industrial espionage
    – Financial scams

    Key figures for phishing


    Over 80% of computer attacks involve phishing


    1 in 99 emails is a phishing email


    Over 90% of users would fail to detect a sophisticated phishing email


    More than 40% of these attacks are president scams (impersonation of senior executives).

    0% of sales

    The average cost of a successful phishing attack is around 5% of a company’s sales.

    Recovery of logins and passwords

    Thanks to our e-mail fraud awareness methods, we can assess whether your users are likely to share their passwords with cybercriminals!

    Using simulations of official websites, we assess your users’ vigilance before they enter their login details. It is important to note that these identifiers are not transmitted, read or stored on our servers.

    3 key steps to sequal phishing

    1. Registration

    Register your company with sequal phishing

    2. first campaign

    Start your first phishing campaign once your account has been validated (within 48 hours maximum).

    3. campaign report

    Get your phishing campaign report and spend time studying it

    You can also host the platform in-house!

    By working together, we can raise awareness of the risks of phishing.

    On the sequal Phishing platform, you can design your own phishing e-mails and make them available to other users. You can also use their models!

    Annual license prices

    (cost depends on number of users)

    0-9 users
    CHF 499.00
    10-19 users
    CHF 699.00
    20-49 users
    CHF 899.00
    50-99 users
    CHF 1’099.00
    100-249 users
    CHF 1’299.-
    From 250 users
    CHF 1’499.00

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    A fictitious phishing campaign to raise cybersecurity awareness among 25 SMEs in French-speaking Switzerland
    Employees at the heart of SME cybersecurity
    Nice hackers” reveal cybersecurity loopholes in SMEs