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    ISO 27001 certification:
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    How can you strengthen customer and partner confidence in your information security practices? How can you reduce the risk of data breaches? What are the main benefits of ISO 27001 certification?

    The security of information systems has become a major challenge for companies of all sizes, faced with a multitude of threats such as cyber-attacks, data theft, leaks of confidential information and so on. In this context, ISO 27001 certification is an essential organizational shield. It defines a strict framework for the implementation of an information security management system (ISMS), aimed at identifying, assessing and managing information security risks.

    The sequal by Meanquest teams can help you implement the ISO 27001 standard.

    What is ISO 27001
    and what are its advantages?

    ISO 27001 is an international standard that sets out the requirements for implementing an information security management system. Its comprehensive approach ranges from risk identification, through an ISO 27001 audit, to the implementation of controls and continuous improvement. In short, it’s a detailed map, ISO 27001 training, that guides organizations in protecting their most critical assets: data.

    ISO 27001 is a text which aims to ensure control, security and services through the mastery of 3 parameters:

    • Ensure the availability of information and services.
    • Secure the integrity of critical data.
    • Guarantee the confidentiality of sensitive or customer data.

    Why certify your
    ISO 27001? organization

    ISO 27001 certification is not mandatory, but voluntary.

    Being certified can be seen as a sign of confidence for your customers or partners. Certification guarantees that you have the internal tools to respond effectively to security events. It also ensures that your company has all the resources it needs to optimize the security of its information systems.

    By deploying an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and achieving ISO 27001 certification, you can ensure that you have processes and security measures in place to protect your information and manage the threats posed to your organization by cyber-attacks.

    • Continuously improve the level of your information security
    • Ensure that your employees are always trained and aware of information security issues
    • Provide your stakeholders (customers, suppliers, government, employees, etc.) with reasonable assurance of your level of safety.
    • Ensure your compliance with applicable laws and regulations
    • Take advantage of ROSI (Return On Security Investment)
    • International recognition

    Defining your ISMS

    ISO 27001 covers the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS), the aim of which is to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and privacy of information through a risk management process.

    The ISMS manages and coordinates the way in which information security is implemented in your company. It is defined for a perimeter defined according to your challenges and needs (an application, a service, a business process, or all your organization’s activities and sites) and must be able to adapt to changes in your environment.

    The ISMS you’re going to set up with an ISO 27001 sequal-certified consultant must meet your specific needs, and must therefore be customizable.

    What kind of support?

    Our team in information security team is here to guide you every step of the way towards ISO 27001 certification. From initial risk assessment to implementing controls and preparing for audits, we offer you the knowledge and experience you need to achieve your information security objectives.

    Our team of ISO 27001-certified consultants bring their expertise to bear in guiding organizations towards compliance with the standard’s requirements, and actively participate in the preparation of ISMS documentation and processes.

    Our strengths
    ISO 27001 support

    Why work with us for your
    ISO 27001 certification project?

    1- Our team’s expertise in information security

    All our consultants hold ISO 27001 certification (Lead Implementer and/or Lead Auditor).

    Our certified consultants have successfully implemented ISO 27001 on a number of occasions, in a variety of fields. Their experience enables them not only to understand the subtleties of ISO 27001, but also to know the best practices in terms of information security.

    2- Personalized approach

    We understand that every company is unique, which is why we adapt to your context and needs.

    We offer you comprehensive support, with a dedicated ISO 27001-certified consultant, from the initial planning phase, through implementation of your ISMS management tool, to the ISO 27001 audit, certification and beyond.
    In addition to certification, our aim is to help you make continuous improvements through our ISO 27001 monitoring and periodic audits.

    3- Our ISMS software

    Sequal ISMS enables you to implement, maintain and improve your information security management system (ISMS) in line with ISO 27001. The sequal teams developed the platform with three objectives in mind

    • Simplify ISO 27001 management with a single tool that centralizes all necessary information and controls.
    • Promote information security based on an internal control system.
    • Gain an overview of the level of information security risk.


    What are the prerequisites for ISO 27001 certification?

    Committing to ISO 27001 certification requires investment and a real commitment on the part of management.
    The support of your company’s management is essential, as is their involvement in decision-making and communication. It must lead the way in information security, and set the example for the whole organization to follow. This is the way to create a corporate culture focused on information security.
    In addition, management will need to understand the steps that will lead to successful certification, by taking ownership of the standard and its requirements. This is the sine qua non for successful ISO 27001 implementation within your organization.

    How long does it take to obtain certification?

    It takes about a year to become certified. With our certified consultants, this timeframe is around eight months.

    Internal team vs. external support? / Why do I need support?

    It’s important to think quickly about setting up an internal project team, and to identify precisely who is responsible for what in the certification project.

    Who will oversee the process and set expectations? Who will manage the schedule? Ideally, this person should have undergone ISO 27001 training and be certified. You’ll also need to involve at least your IT Manager and HR Manager.

    When an organization undertakes ISO 27001 certification, it enters a complex process. Inevitably, the question of calling in an external consultant will arise. As an implementation specialist, the ISO 27001 manager will play a significant role in preparing your company for ISO 27001 certification.

    Depending on your maturity and budget, you can entrust it with a variety of tasks, including the design and improvement of the information security management system, participation in the preparation of ISMS documentation and processes, as well as the implementation of tools and staff training.

    Do I have to go all the way to ISO 27001 certification?

    ISO 27001 certification is not the only important step in securing your company’s information. Before that, you can choose to follow best practices or implement tools to assess and manage information security risks. These preliminary steps are just as crucial to enhancing your safety, and can be significant milestones on the road to certification.

    What are the costs associated with ISO 27001 certification?

    Before committing to ISO 27001 certification, it’s essential to carefully assess the costs associated with the project. In addition to the cost of certification, you should also take into account the cost of internal time and resources, depending on the maturity and complexity of your business, as well as any external consultancy fees.

    Is certification definitive?

    The certification obtained following an ISO 27001 audit by the certification body is valid for 3 years. However, during this period, a follow-up ISO 27001 audit takes place every year.

    Achieving ISO 27001 certification is only the beginning of your progress in information security, since you will need to continually integrate new security issues into your approach as your organization evolves. This means you’ll be constantly on the move, dealing with information risk in a dynamic and evolving way.

    What is WSIS?

    The ISMS enables information-related risks to be managed by means of processes, and defines the various responsibilities involved.

    Clause 4.4 of ISO 27001 refers to an “Information Security Management System”, with the following objective: “The organization shall establish, implement, maintain and continually improve an information security management system in accordance with the requirements of this International Standard”.

    The ISMS as a global system manages and coordinates the way in which information security is implemented. It is defined for a strategically defined perimeter (an application, a service, an organization, a business process, etc.) and must be able to adapt to changes in the internal and external environment.

    This is an organizational mode that the company must put in place to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. It takes into account both technical and human factors.

    From the point of view of certification, the ISMS is used to discover and resolve non-conformities.

    At Meanquest, we have our own sequal ISMS solution.