sequal isms, the ISO 27001 platform

    Information security management: discover our ISO 27001 platform

    Sequal isms enables you to implement, maintain and improve your information security management system (ISMS) in accordance with ISO 27001. In developing this platform, we had the following objectives:

    simple ISO 27001 management

    To offer SMEs a dynamic ISO 27001 management tool, enabling them to manage their ISMS in a dynamic way, without having to resort to a mixture of SharePoint, Outlook and MS Office.

    Promoting safety

    Promote information security based on an internal control system, rather than spending most of your time drafting documents.

    The big picture

    Provide executives with a tool that gives them an overview of their information security risk level at a glance.

    To achieve these objectives, we have integrated the following functionalities into this platform:

    level of risk

    A dashboard summarizing information security risk levels.


    A dashboard showing the progress of activities aimed at achieving information security objectives.


    A detailed description and implementation guide for each point of ISO 27001, based on the ISO 27000 family of standards.


    Standard controls for each ISO 27001 point.


    Assignment of responsibilities and planning for each task involved in your ISMS.


    A download area with documents and links for each point of the standard and each planned task.

    Why certify your organization
    ISO/CEI 27001:2013 ?

    • Continuously improve the level of your information security
    • Ensure that your employees are always trained and aware of information security issues
    • Provide your stakeholders (customers, suppliers, government, employees, etc.) with reasonable assurance of your level of safety.
    • Ensure your compliance with applicable laws and regulations
    • Take advantage of ROSI (Return On Security Investment)
    • International recognition

    How can we ensure this “continuous improvement”?

    The cornerstone of continuous improvement, PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Act) is a widely used method for improving an organization’s performance in a number of areas (HR, Marketing, Logistics, etc.). This is also known as a virtuous circle. In concrete terms, this method breaks down as follows:

    analysis of the situation, problem or issue in question, search for and selection of solutions

    implementing the chosen solution

    measuring and evaluating results

    deployment of the solution after any adjustments to the pilot solution

    Take advantage of sequal isms by opting for the Cloud version hosted by an ISO 27001-certified provider, or choose the on-premises version for direct installation in your infrastructure!

    This solution lies at the heart of sequal’s business, which is to support its customers in implementing best practices in information security, in accordance with ISO 27001. Indeed, the requirement of clause 4.4 of this standard concerns the “Information Security Management System” and aims to establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve such an information security management system, in accordance with the requirements of this international standard.

    Our partner


    The Sequal isms solution was made possible by our valued partner, Smartcockpit, to whom we extend our warmest thanks!