Managed Security Services

    Get advice from our experts in information security and cyber defense.

    How can you ensure the security of your information systems? Do you need expert advice on information security and cyber defense? Do you need to demonstrate compliance with data protection regulations and information security reference standards?

    With a team of qualified experts and proven solutions, your information security specialist sequal by Meanquest is able to solve major problems linked to data security, legal compliance, cost optimization and obtaining recognized information security certifications.
    Outsource entire areas of your security with our Managed Services offering, and free yourself from the many tasks that are not part of your core business.

    Our approach to information security

    Our approach goes beyond pure cybersecurity, addressing governance aspects and focusing on the ISO 27001 standard. Our Managed Security Services offer brings you a subtle combination of the skills of our security engineers, the guidance of our data protection lawyers and their mastery of a wide range of security tools.

    The efficiency of
    a team of experts


    We offer a comprehensive, proactive approach to incident prevention, detection and response, enabling you to:

    • Identify and understand the threats to which your infrastructure is exposed, so that you can be as prepared as possible;
    • Implement measures to detect and mitigate information security risks;
    • Apply an effective methodology for dealing with information security risks, thanks to high value-added services and advice.

    A tailor-made offer

    7 safety bricks

    Prevent: Train and educate your users in information security, so that they become your first line of defence against cyber-attacks.

    Analyze: Get regular updates on the status of your IT risks with comprehensive reports on your IT infrastructure.

    Correct: Be ready to face threats with security systems that are up to date, optimal and working efficiently.

    React: Benefit from immediate intervention by our 24/7 teams in the event of critical alerts, for IT troubleshooting or IT maintenance of your IT systems.

    Manage: Benefit from the advice and recommendations of our experts, and ensure that your security objectives are met.

    DPO as-a-service: The DPO organizes and maintains your organization’s compliance with applicable data security regulations.

    CISO as-a-service: The CISO ensures that your information security policy is implemented and enforced by all stakeholders.

    Your benefits


    Achieve a higher level of safety while limiting costs and staying within your budget.


    React effectively in the event of an attack.


    Ensuring compliance.

    IT security consulting

    With our comprehensive, tailor-made offering, we become your main point of contact for all questions relating to IT security. We’ll help you define your objectives, identify risks and opportunities, and set up an action plan.

    We’ll also help you implement best security practices.

    Planning to set up a Managed Security Services?

    Our team is here to help you.

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