Our projects

    Find out here about our achievements in IT transformation, cloud or datacenter solutions and much more for a variety of customers, ranging from education to healthcare, finance and industry. To find out more about the scope of our support, please contact us.

    Types of needs

    • Overhaul of server architectures
    • Audit of your information system
    • Infrastructure monitoring
    • IT asset management
    • Deployment of cloud solutions
    • Outsourcing your IT department
    • Support in recruiting qualified IT staff
    • Support for your data security process
    • Support in obtaining 27001 certification

    Examples of projects


    Meanquest is helping the Lycée Français de Zurich renew its Cisco network infrastructure.


    The Institut Florimont has relied on Meanquest since 2014 to support it in various IT projects. Florimont has decided to strengthen its entire infrastructure and security solutions to ensure that no threat is overlooked.

    The Meanquest teams contributed their expertise in the field of security, as well as in the management of the existing infrastructure.