Discover our innovative backup solution, based on Cohesity technology

    Do you know Cohesity?

    With data volumes exploding and backup windows shrinking, safeguarding, managing and protecting your business-critical data is becoming a real challenge. It is therefore essential to modernize your backup solutions.

    To meet the operational challenges of data management, our teams of experts offer the efficient and disruptive Cohesity-as-a-Service solution.

    In this video, Account Manager Armand Bonnardin presents the Cohesity-as-a-service solution and its added value for companies.

    Introducing our solution

    Cohesity-as-a-service is a data management platform that facilitates backup and eliminates data silos, so you can get more value out of your data and achieve greater agility. Meanquest is the first and only Swiss company to offer Cohesity as a Service Provider with hosting in Switzerland, administered in Switzerland.

    Our solution has 3 use cases:

    • The “Backup and Restore” module simplifies your backup and production environments
    • The “file and objects” module for greater visibility over your data
    • The “long-term storage and archiving” module

    How does our solution work?

    Conventional backup systems work in push mode. This traditional system has its limitations, not least because it is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Meanquest has invented a solution that closes these loopholes by offering completely outsourced backup and administration. A proxy is installed on your infrastructure to ensure secure data transfer. The Cohesity management platform searches for your back-up jobs and brings them back to your production environment.

    The benefits

    With Cohesity-as-a-service :

    • This eliminates the need for local backup infrastructure, saving costs and simplifying operations.
    • Separation of production and backup environments for enhanced security
    • Cost based solely on the amount of data to be backed up
    • Eliminate silos: from Meanquest’s Helios management console, you have total visibility over your data.
    • The system integrates with all hosted environments (multi-cloud)
    • Total transparency and visibility for the user

    Would you like to adopt our solution? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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