Cohesity as service

    Protect your data by outsourcing your backups to a secure environment in Switzerland

    Is your strategic data properly backed up?
    Backing up your company’s data is becoming a real headache, as data volumes have exploded and backup windows are becoming shorter and shorter.
    If you’re looking to accelerate cloud adoption for your enterprise, turn to Meanquest, the only Cohesity Service Provider in Switzerland, offering innovative solutions based on Cohesity technology.

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    During our webinar, Cohesity expert David Marie presented the Cohesity solution and explained how a modern approach can help your business move forward.

    Cohesity as-a-service solutions

    As data growth accelerates, it’s essential to have an effective solution for storing, managing and protecting your company’s vital data, wherever it may be.
    To meet the operational challenges caused by data management, savvy IT teams adopt turnkey solutions such as our Cohesity-based solutions.
    This massive fragmentation of data is one of the biggest obstacles to business agility today. And a major operational risk in the event of loss or cyber-attack.

    To meet the operational challenges caused by data management, savvy IT teams are adopting turnkey solutions such as our Backup as a Service solution based on Cohesity technology.

    Our solution doesn’t just store your data off-site; it also, and above all, administers it off-site, offering additional protection in the event of an attack.

    3 solutions with Cohesity

    Backup and restoration

    Simplify data backup and recovery and protect against ransomware with a modern, large-scale solution.

    Files and objects

    Transform your NAS and improve data reduction, while lowering total cost of ownership with our easy-to-manage file and object solution.

    Conservation and
    long-term archiving

    Improve your on-site and off-site data retention management to ensure regulatory and industry compliance.

    The added value of Cohesity as a service

    While every company needs an effective approach to data management, IT teams in charge of digital transformation initiatives often don’t have the time they need to focus on value-added projects.
    That’s where our Cohesity as-a-service solutions come in.
    We provide our customers with a data management solution that makes it easy to save, manage and leverage data, wherever it resides, whether on site or in the cloud.

    Eliminate data silos and increase the value of all your data

    Cohesity’s unified data management platform eliminates silos, reduces complexity and offers unlimited scalability.
    Whether cloud-native, SaaS, local or remote, all your work environments are protected by our solution:

    • Public clouds
    • Local data (NAS)
    • User stations
    • Physical and virtual servers
    • Microsoft 365

    Manage your backups externally for greater security

    Your infrastructure is hosted in a shared environment or in a private cloud, depending on your needs. In all cases, your data is encrypted and can only be read by you.
    You administer and manage your backups autonomously, directly from the datacenter.
    In the event of a cyber-attack, hackers won’t be able to access your data thanks to our immutable layers of protection (WORM). The various mechanisms implemented by the Cohesity solution ensure that the backed-up data remains safe for the company and inaccessible to hackers.

    A single, simple pricing model for all environments

    Our solution eliminates CAPEX (capital expenditure on hardware and software). All the more so if the equipment is under-utilized and rarely used.
    Our solution offers a pay-per-use billing model, determined by the volume of data to be backed up, regardless of the source and nature of your data.

    In short, you get simple access to the technology of a benchmark player, Cohesity, thanks to the advice and support of a local service provider. Benefit from the guarantee that your data is stored and managed entirely in Switzerland.

    “Our close relationship with Cohesity enables our two organizations to combine complementary strengths to create a forward-thinking solution. It enables us to harness the full power of the cloud, while increasing operational efficiency for our customers.
    The platform and solution we are proposing embrace the future of the Cloud. This solution is fully in line with our strategy and will play a key role in our customers’ IT transformation.”

    Nicolas Crozat, Director of Expertise and Service, Meanquest