Ready for ISO 27001 certification?

    The security of information systems has become a major challenge for companies of all sizes, faced with a multitude of threats such as cyber attacks, data theft, leaks of confidential information and so on. Against this backdrop, ISO 27001 certification is an essential organizational shield. It defines a strict framework for the implementation of an information security management system (ISMS), aimed at identifying, assessing and managing information security risks.

    If you’re thinking of embarking on this project, but don’t know where to start, here are a few points to consider


    ISO 27001 certification not only demonstrates your commitment to information security and data protection, it also sets you apart from the competition.

    Why get started?

    The benefits of ISO 27001 certification are manifold. It enables you to demonstrate your commitment to information protection, improve your resilience in the face of threats, including cyber-attacks, increase the confidence of your customers and partners, and ensure compliance with international regulations.

    ISO 27001 certification is not the only important step in securing your company’s information. Before that, you can choose to follow best practices or implement tools to assess and manage risks. These preliminary steps are just as crucial to strengthening your security, and can be significant milestones on the road to certification.

    Is your management involved?

    In all cases, ISO 27001 certification requires investment and a real commitment on the part of management. It takes an average of one year to obtain certification.

    The support of your company’s management is essential, as is its involvement in decision-making and communication. It must lead the way in terms of information security, and set an example so that the whole organization is effectively involved. This is the way to create a corporate culture focused on information security.

    In addition, management must understand the steps that will lead to successful certification, by taking ownership of the standard and its requirements. This is the sine qua non for effective collaboration with certification bodies.

    Internal team vs. external support?

    Next, it’s important to think quickly about setting up an internal project team and identifying precisely who will be responsible for the certification project.

    Who will oversee the process and set expectations? Who will manage the schedule? Ideally, this person should be ISO 27001 certified. You should also involve at least your IT Manager and HR Manager.

    When an organization undertakes ISO 27001 certification, it enters a complex process. Inevitably, the question arises of whether to call in an external consultant. As an implementation specialist, the consultant will play a significant role in preparing your company for ISO 27001 certification.

    Depending on your maturity and budget, you can entrust the consultant with various tasks, including the design and improvement of the information security management system, participation in the preparation of ISMS documentation and processes, as well as the implementation of tools and staff training.

    What are the costs associated with ISO 27001 certification?

    Before committing yourself to ISO 27001 certification, it’s essential to carefully evaluate the costs associated with the project. In addition to the cost of certification, you should also take into account the cost of internal time and resources, which will depend on the maturity and complexity of your business, as well as any external consultancy fees.


    In the end, hiring an external consultant seems to be a good compromise to help you structure your certification process and get off to a good start. He or she will be able to provide you with the best advice, tools and an outside viewpoint, as well as experience and, above all, help you get organized and save time!

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