The new challenge of centralizing supervision

    With the rise of infrastructures in corporate IT governance, having total visibility of the information system has become fundamental for IT managers.
    However, this visibility requires modern and adapted supervision, capable of providing, in a single console, the metrics and statuses essential for real-time management of IT.

    The evolution of the digital workplace, the dematerialization of IT infrastructures, the increasing complexity of IT systems involve many changes for IT teams.

    These developments have also highlighted the essential role of IT supervision in guaranteeing the availability and security of your information system.

    Digital transformation demands new IT monitoring capabilities. Let’s understand which ones through our article.

    89% of companies say that IT monitoring is important or even a top priority .” *

    Complete visibility, from cloud to edge

    Supervision should allow IT teams to have a consistent overview of all IT equipment (infrastructure and operations, from IT to business). However, companies estimate that on average , 39% of the perimeter of the IS escapes IT supervision* . So, not really an overall vision.

    Yet companies have an average of 14 IT monitoring tools. Proof that multiplying the tools is not ideal to ensure a complete view.

    If supervision has long been confined to a tool for checking the availability of the infrastructure, the inevitable correlation between IT and Business has led to its scope being extended to application and business supervision.

    Monitoring certainly always makes it possible to generate alerts and anticipate incidents; therefore to reduce their number. But by evolving towards “smart monitoring”, supervision systems now make it possible to offer complete visibility of your information system, whatever your architecture.

    Thanks to the automation of data collection, a widening of its scope and a centralized approach, monitoring offers a unique and global vision of the state of health of your IT.

    A clear vision of your information system

    Today even more than before, as our partner Centreon likes to repeat, “no IT, no business”. In other words, IT infrastructures must be managed in such a way as to support business competitiveness.

    According to the recent survey carried out by ICT , in 80% of organisations, the priority IT projects will be those that will contribute to business development.

    It is therefore very important for IT teams to deliver and share business-oriented KPIs because this facilitates communication between IT and the business . Guarantors of the digitization of organizations, IT teams have understood the importance of supporting the Business Lines in their transformation by providing them with indicators on the state of performance of the IS and especially on their applications.

    By communicating to users real-time information on the status of their applications (the CRM is running, the mail server is undergoing maintenance, etc.), the IT Department thus promotes collaboration between IT and users.

    Meanquest has been a Centreon partner since 2020, thus providing a complete and efficient management tool to our customers.

    Nicolas Crozat, Technical Director explains:

    Centreon provides an additional decision support tool for executives and other strategic managers. In addition to ensuring the continuity of operations, Centreon allows companies to quickly and efficiently take strategic decisions that reflect the evolution of their business.

    *Centreon and FocusVision surveyed an online panel of 200 IT professionals in France, UK, Spain, Italy, US and Canada in September 2020.

    EBOOK: IT supervision barometer

    State of play, trends, and main issues of IT supervision that IT managers must face.

    Find out more and download our partner Centreon’s study here

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