Meanquest presents its new Managed Services offer

    Meanquest’s new Managed Services offer meets the expectations of companies wishing to focus on their core business by outsourcing the support function. The finalization of this offer is a new step which enriches the proposed service offer.

    As specialists, our teams take charge of your IT with the aim of optimizing this activity, which is not your core business.

    One objective: to create an offer that meets a real need of our customers

    With the experience acquired over many years, we have understood that, for business managers, entrusting part of the management of your IT is not trivial. Especially when it’s a first. The information system is very often vital and largely determines the efficiency of your business.

    Based on this observation, we have built our offer by pursuing two objectives:

    1. Create an easy to understand and transparent offer
    2. Create a flexible and fully customizable offer, which should adapt to the needs of our customers and the latest technological developments.

    Clearly, establish a bond of trust with our interlocutors to become the partner of our customers

    A modular and customizable offer with 8 bricks

    In order to reassure our customers, we have built a structured and hierarchical offer, made up of 8 bricks of services, forming a coherent whole. Our customers can take only the bricks they need.

    We have thus designed a complete and innovative Managed Services offer, creating value for our customers:

    • Reliable and responsive user support
    • Infrastructure support, so that anomalies are quickly repaired
    • Proactive monitoring to anticipate anomalies
    • Custom dashboards that track service availability and performance
    • Complete reports that serve as a support for discussion during our Steering Committees
    • Detailed monitoring of compliance with our commitments and SLAs, proof of our quality of service


    In addition, we wanted this offer to reflect our values. Thus, we favor geographical and human proximity with day-to-day contacts, which is a key element of our customers’ trust.

    “We are pleased to be able to provide our clients with our Managed Service offering, which is fully customizable to suit the needs of each organization.
    Above all, Meanquest responds to a request from companies looking for a service provider that combines reliability, proximity and pragmatism in order to manage and structure their IT »

    Says Olivier Gallet, Managing Director Meanquest.

    The essentials of our offer

    • Operational management

    In order to gain the trust of our customers, we offer management in complete transparency, and thus demonstrate the added value that we bring.

    We set up steering committees that fulfill a dual objective. First of all, it allows us to maintain regular contact between our teams and those of our customers. This also allows them to provide value-added advice on the strategic points of their activity. Then, it ensures that the IS is well managed and that it meets your expectations and those of your users.

    • One-stop shop and proximity

    Businesses and CIOs face multiple challenges and our goal is to make your job as easy as possible for you. This means being able to rely on a single point of contact for all your IT problems. This, in summary, is the very essence of Managed service and the one-stop-shop principle, which, coupled with proximity, will bring you peace of mind.

    • Responsive and available support

    To carry out our mission, we provide you with a Service desk, made up of qualified technicians N1 and N2. They ensure the proper execution of your contract, and are available at any time to assist you in resolving your incidents.

    They are supported by engineers from the Center of Expertise, who can intervene at any time.

    With this new generation Managed Services offer, Meanquest reaffirms its desire to offer simple solutions to its customers and to go further in terms of services, while cultivating its identity and its values of work, commitment and quality. on duty.

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