Stay competitive with low-code/no-code

    Easy and accessible, low-code/no-code technology is enjoying growing popularity.
    In fact, the stakes of this IT tool are synonymous with agility and infinite possibilities for companies.

    The pandemic, severe in many respects, will have taught its lesson: when untimely changes arise, survival depends on the ability to adapt. An injunction that resonates daily for companies, constantly confronted with the IT challenges of the digital age. For more than 25 years, at the forefront of digital trends, Meanquest has provided companies with its IT solutions and expertise. The year 2021 is marked by a partnership with Creatio, market leader and supplier of low-code/no-code platforms.

    What is low-code/no-code?

    A low-code/no-code platform enables the creation of applications. As its name suggests, it requires little or no coding: via intuitive maneuvers as simple as ” drag-and-drop “, the user can develop his own tools. Among other benefits, a company’s ability to build solutions tailored to its business and needs can accelerate sales, marketing, operations, and service.

    Tailor-made solutions

    The shortcomings in connection with the monitoring of the customer relationship represent a recurring challenge. To remedy this, the leader Creatio offers a low-code platform for process management and CRM.

    As a Creatio partner, we support companies wishing to adopt the interface. Our holistic service includes the implementation, configuration and optimization of the platform, in accordance with the objectives as well as the IT infrastructure of the company. Finally, technical support that extends beyond the integration phase enables an informed and efficient transition to low-code technology.

    Endless Possibilities

    At a time when digital governs business objectives, the ability to quickly create personalized IT tools offers the flexibility, autonomy and adaptability essential to the sustainability of companies. Thus democratized, the creation of applications via low-code technology allows market players to improve their adaptability, but also to remain innovative and competitive.

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