HPE SimpliVity

    Quickly facilitate remote working with HPE SimpliVity for VDI.

    In recent months, most companies have had to quickly adapt to a new organizational paradigm, putting additional pressure on their IT department, which is already heavily stretched.

    One of the challenges of the IS was to manage to organize itself to deploy infrastructure solutions that make it possible to respond to growing demand almost instantaneously. The demand for virtual desktops with or without GPU acceleration has literally exploded in the space of a few months. This trend is continuing and even appears to be accelerating.

    “Many enterprises lack the resources to deploy scalable and secure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions. They need hyperconverged infrastructure that is easy to manage and scalable, but also configurations that are flexible and suitable for different budgets/workloads. A speed of performance will allow them easy access to VDI.”

    To achieve this objective, there is no shortage of solutions on the market, but the HPE SimpliVity solution, which is the perfect example, stands out from its competitors. This technology has enabled many of our customers to deploy virtual desktops in record time. Its ease of administration has thus made it possible to drastically reduce implementation and migration times.

    From a traditional project, respecting a tedious schedule and riddled with intermediate steps, we have moved to migrations that can take place in a day, while ensuring that users do not notice any degradation of services. In reality, it is even the opposite case, since performance gains have already been observed during migrations

    A VMware administrator will therefore have no trouble getting to grips with the platform, then all administration is done from vCenter thanks to SimpliVity plug-ins, whether it is a Citrix Desktop or VMware Horizon cluster.

    Growth can also be done by following the axis desired by the customer:

    • Scale-up by simply adding resources to nodes (CPU, RAM or storage)
    • Scale-out by adding additional nodes

    Once in place, the solution continues to deploy its full potential: thanks to the intelligence provided by HPE InfoSight, a predictive analysis of infrastructure metrics makes it possible to proactively notify the IS in order to self-manage, self-heal and self-optimize. A confirmed administrator will thus understand the time he can save by taking care of other value-added tasks for his company than having to check the status of his storage and finally stop having to react in firefighter mode.

    In summary, for Meanquest, the HPE SimpliVity solution is the ideal infrastructure solution for remote office environments.

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