HPE SimpliVity – Embrace hyperconvergence and adapt to new realities


    How HPE SimpliVity increases performance and efficiency

    To meet the challenge of digital transformation, companies’ IT systems must be agile, efficient and scalable. IT must be at the service of the company and its business needs.

    Faced with these challenges of agility and cost control, hyperconvergence solutions are at the forefront of infrastructure solutions. Indeed, today, many companies seek to accelerate the evolution of their IT, but may be confronted with obstacles such as a non-standardized infrastructure, a lack of space, complicated systems administration, etc….

    With an architecture created to deliver greater efficiency to the virtual machine (VM) administrator, HPE SimpliVity enables improved management, protection, efficiency, and performance of virtualized workloads. IT teams will thus be able to concentrate on their core business.

    The concrete example of Gammed

    The approach taken by Meanquest

    Meanquest’s approach to virtualization and storage takes into account our customers’ entire IT infrastructure, including applications, servers, storage, network, business recovery plan. This approach ensures optimal levels of performance for applications and improves overall resource utilization.

    But above all, we are aware that our contacts, the IT teams, need to be relieved in their daily tasks to be able to focus on business needs. HPE SimpliVity brings simplicity to setup and get started, but also efficiency.

    Discover a concrete example by looking at the feedback from Gammed

    1 minute to understand how Valérian Droz, IT Administrator, supports the growth of the Gammed company thanks to the HPE SimpliVity solution implemented by us.

    HPE SimpliVity serving the performance, availability and business growth of our customers.

    Gain in speed of execution and agility

    Renaud Schweingruber, Commercial Director at Meanquest, talks about the importance of preparing your company well to act.

    “Our customers are sometimes confronted with the need to upgrade their existing infrastructure, which is sometimes aging, with a more efficient solution that is above all easier to administer. Today, IT must be considered as an element allowing companies to develop.”

    Meanquest teams master HPE SimpliVity technology

    The HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged architecture solution addresses this issue by giving businesses the flexibility to grow.

    At Meanquest, we attach great importance to the preparation of projects with our customers and ensure that the solutions put in place meet the needs expressed. Overall, in infrastructure redesign projects, our clients are looking for the following objectives:

    • Simplify the daily tasks of the IT team
    • Get maximum agility
    • Increase the level of performance and availability of applications
    • Control the set budget

    At Meanquest, we attach great importance to the preparation of projects with our customers

    The work of our team of engineers is based on two axes. First, to guarantee the overall consistency of the systems and that they meet the reliability and availability requirements imposed by our customers. Then, test the technologies/solutions and constantly challenge them to avoid any problems.

    We are committed to establishing a relationship of trust with our customers. The success of a hyperconvergence project lies in the fact that there is no service interruption for users during the migration of virtual servers.

    As a long-standing HPE Certified Partner, we offer our customers all services for HPE on-premises infrastructure and HPE GreenLake solutions. The close and constant cooperation guarantees our customers the best service, efficient procedures, solution-oriented processes, cost-effective material purchase and error-free installations.

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