Meanquest, Centreon partner

    The Centreon solution offers business-centric IT monitoring. It allows you to monitor all IT infrastructures for a clear and complete view, from the Cloud to the Edge.

    In an IT Agility context, Meanquest enriches its IT service offerings with the Centreon EMS solution to support its growth as well as that of its customers and meet the strategic challenge of real-time visibility essential to the sustainability of IT systems.

    By becoming a Centreon partner specializing in IT monitoring, Meanquest provides its customers with logical and business views. In addition, the Centreon solution offers more advanced reporting to support their IT/business alignment efforts, a key element of operational performance and growth.

    IT environments are becoming more complex, it is essential for companies and their CIOs to have precise visibility of the operation and performance of the different types of infrastructure because they support business operations and therefore the overall functioning of companies .”

    A long-time user of the Centreon solution in its Open Source version, Meanquest naturally decided to bet on the enterprise version of the solution, Centreon EMS, to meet the requirements of our 400 SME and large account customers based in French-speaking Switzerland .

    “We were already convinced of the efficiency and reliability of the Open Source solution that we had used both internally and externally. We were very well supported and the community of developers is a real plus. Deepening the collaboration with Centreon was therefore obvious to us”, confirms Nicolas Crozat, Director of Services at Meanquest.

    Highly scalable, the Centreon EMS solution allows us to be as close as possible to the needs of our customers and even to anticipate some of them”, adds Olivier Gallet.

    Maintaining optimal IT performance is essential to ensure a competitive business.

    Nicolas Crozat also specifies: “Business performance depends more than ever on the quality of IT. The slightest IT malfunction can have broad consequences at the business level, with impacts on both turnover and the image of the company. In order to better manage information systems and guarantee the continuity of services, CIOs must have the most efficient management tools.

    For this, Meanquest relies on the complete functional coverage, ergonomics and interoperability of Centreon to ensure its customers the implementation of the most optimal real-time IS performance management strategy ”.

    By capitalizing on our Centreon EMS solution, Meanquest is strengthening its offer to ensure the sustainability of their customers’ IT systems and monitor their performance. Our collaboration reflects the image of our companies: innovative, agile and efficient. We are delighted to welcome Meanquest to our community of partners and are enthusiastic about the idea of supporting future Swiss customers in their strategy around IT performance thanks to Centreon EMS. .”

    Statement by Marc-Antoine Hostier, Commercial Director of Centreon.

    “At a strategic level this time, the Centreon EMS offer allows Meanquest to reach new decision-making spheres, since it notably provides an additional decision-making tool for executives and other strategic managers.

    Thanks to the centralization of key data and the customization of supervision KPIs, Meanquest is able to offer a complete and efficient management tool to its customers. In addition to ensuring the continuity of operations, these tools allow companies to quickly and efficiently make strategic decisions that reflect the evolution of their business”.

    With similar business profiles, the relationship between the two partners could only be fruitful. “We appreciate Centreon’s commitment and their willingness to support us in our growth. The Start-up spirit that our two companies have in common is a real strength. The relationship with the partner is crucial in our eyes, because it ultimately allows us to provide a service with greater added value to our customers » continues Olivier Gallet.

    More information about our Centreon Partner, specialist in IT monitoring, is available at

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