Outsourcing your IT service with Managed Services – what are the advantages?

    IT teams must take on several roles, from maintaining IT systems in operational condition, to providing user support. So many activities that require the use of qualified resources, specialized technical skills, as well as suitable equipment.

    So: why not outsource the management of your IT infrastructure to an IT service provider for more peace of mind?

    In this article, discover 5 good reasons to use Managed Services

    #1 Refocus on your core business

    First, by outsourcing, you relieve your teams. Indeed, the service provider will take charge of part of the operation of the systems and will ensure that your information system remains efficient. This allows your internal resources to focus on more strategic missions and to carry out the projects of tomorrow.

    No need to worry about recruiting either. By outsourcing, you have access to expertise and resources at all times.

    #2 Control your budget

    Managed services not only make it possible to pool certain resources (tools, technical skills, equipment, storage, etc.) but also and above all to better control your budget thanks to an all-inclusive monthly package.

    Above all, with Managed Services, you have access to a Service Center with multiple skills and thus access rare and sometimes expensive skills.

    #3 Benefit from outside advice

    Thirdly, with a Managed services offer, the service provider assumes the role of expert and will be a source of proposals to improve your information system. It will provide managers and CIOs with a strategic vision and support in the development of their IT.

    Not only does the service provider have extensive experience. But above all, by perfectly mastering your IT environment, he will be able to make recommendations or highlight points of vigilance.

    #4 Improve user satisfaction

    A support service must be able to respond quickly to all requests made by the services. In addition, he must anticipate possible problems. This therefore means less breakdown and less frustration for users, therefore greater satisfaction.

    #5 Benefit from work methods

    Finally, by choosing Managed services, you choose to trust a service provider who masters the various tools, processes and technologies. He will commit to respecting SLAs and will take charge of your IT in a structured way. He will manage your IT using the appropriate ITSM tools and based on ITIL best practices.

    “At Meanquest, we are implementing a real continuous improvement process. We are constantly aiming to improve ourselves and to develop our practices and processes, by listening to the needs expressed by our customers.”

    In conclusion, the IT environment is the nerve center of your business. It must remain operational so as not to impact your activity. It must also be thought out upstream to prepare for the future.

    It is for this purpose that our Managed service offer has been designed: in a scalable and personalized way. In order to best meet your current and future needs, depending on the scope you wish to integrate.

    Outsourcing your IT service to an external service provider is an important strategic decision.

    The Meanquest experts are at your disposal to support you in your reflection.

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