Backups have never been so quick and easy.

    Webinar: Modernize your backup solution with Cohesity

    As companies struggle to cope with an influx of unstructured data, the proliferation of data in silos has become a real problem. As the amount of data increases, so does the cost and complexity of managing it.

    Traditional approaches to data management often fail to solve the problem of massive data fragmentation. It’s time to modernize your approach to backup and data management.

    Cohesity radically simplifies backup and recovery by eliminating data silos, providing broad visibility and comprehensive protection against ransomware.

    Watch the replay of our webinar and discover how Cohesity and Meanquest can help you overcome operational challenges and modernize your data management.

    WEBINAR 05.05.2022

    Modernize your backup solution with Cohesity


    1. Introduction to Cohesity architecture and key concepts
    2. Focus on two use cases:
      • Improve cybersecurity by reducing your attack surface
      • File sharing made easy with SmartFile
    3. Discover Meanquest’s offer – Service provider

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