Defend yourself against identity-based threats and malicious attacks. Saporo significantly reduces identity-related risks through appropriate access segmentation.

    By using AI and graph technologies to analyze user configuration and access data, Saporo assesses organizations’ resistance to potential attacks and identifies the changes that will have the greatest impact on increasing their cyber-resilience.

    Saporo: Cybersecurity Specialist

    A Lausanne-based gem in the cyber economy, Saporo has developed a technology that identifies attack paths and contains attacks by prioritizing and reducing user access-related risks.

    Identity has become the primary attack surface. 90% of attacks exploit poor access segmentation in Active Directory, Azure, AWS, and other systems.

    Saporo significantly reduces the attack surface of your identity through appropriate access segmentation. Saporo built its solution on the principle of not waiting for an intrusion to react. The solution, using artificial intelligence and graph principles, analyzes and records the entire configuration of the company’s IT system as well as the permissions granted.

    The solution provides a precise view of all entry points with a risk score related to access and usage rights for each human/machine, thanks to a very detailed dashboard that conveys the notion of risk through a map.

    “Cybercrime is today the greatest identified threat to all businesses. This partnership with Saporo strengthens our technology portfolio in the field of security with an internationally renowned Lausanne-based solution. As an IT services company, we must provide innovative solutions so that our clients are aware of the risks and ready to face the cyber threat. Saporo directly addresses this need.”

    Armand Bonnardin, Sales Director at Meanquest


    Saporo has received several awards, confirming Saporo’s position as an innovative and fast-growing player, including:

    Jury’s Favourite Award
    InCyber 2024 Forum

    First prize in the
    Tech4Trust in 2022

    Like sequal by Meanquest, Saporo took part in the Tech4Trust program, Trust Valley’s gas pedal for start-ups active in digital trust. Trust Valley aims to promote the expertise of the Lake Geneva region in the field of digital trust and cybersecurity.

    Both entities are making their expertise available to participants in the Trust4SMEs program, which aims to support SMEs in French-speaking Switzerland in their cyber security strategy.

    “Saporo and sequal are entering into a logical and highly value-added partnership because the question is no longer whether an organization will be attacked, but when it will happen. On the one hand, Saporo provides a cutting-edge solution for detecting the potential attack surface in the event of identity compromise.
    On the other hand, sequal equips itself with the Saporo tool to enable its clients to minimize the consequences related to identity attacks. Thus, sequal strengthens its prime position in information security for SMEs in Romandy.”

    Mahandry Rambinintsoa, Director and Founder of sequal

    Do you want to defend your company against identity-based attacks? meanquest can help you with this corporate project.