Companies have always wanted to accelerate everything: applications, data, innovation. But this kind of acceleration requires an infrastructure offering unprecedented levels of performance, agility and visibility in flexible resource pools.

    HCI intelligence: HPE SimpliVity & HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

    HPE SIMPLIVITY: intelligent hyperconverged infrastructure at the edge

    HPE SimpliVity is a simple, intelligent all-in-one hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution that streamlines IT operations, enables virtual machine management and mobility across dispersed sites in seconds, and ensures efficiency and integrated data protection.

    HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, HCI without compromise

    The new HPE Nimble Storage dHCI platform integrates hyperconverged control with the HPE ProLiant server, and self-managed flash storage from HPE Nimble Storage. HPE’s complete solution is easy and efficient to manage and convinces with self-optimizing systems, automated diagnostics, early problem detection, and autonomous support services.

    HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is designed for efficient scaling with the ability to independently scale compute and storage without disruption, reducing your need for over-provisioning and saving you costs and improving your total cost of ownership… and it includes guaranteed industry-leading data efficiency.


    Intelligent and simple
    With the dHCI solution, administrators can focus more deeply on applications instead of constant infrastructure management. Hyperconverged control and AI-based HPE InfoSight software make it easy for VM administrators to provision, manage, scale and support the platform.

    Integrated safety for your systems
    Fast, uninterrupted applications are guaranteed thanks to a robust design center and predictive analysis. Sub-millisecond latency and high IOPS for high-performance applications and consolidation. 99.9999% availability with automated QOS, advanced data integrity, and comprehensive data protection provide maximum resiliency.

    Efficiently scalable
    Eliminate over-provisioning of HCI solutions. With HPE dHCI, you only need to extend the resources you actually need. The ability to increase computing power and data storage in a non-disruptive, independent way helps to reduce costs and allocate investments where they are really needed.

    HPE Infosight
    In addition to data-driven analytics and recommendations for workload optimization and distribution, HPE InfoSight’s AI-based solution offers an unrivalled support experience. Connected to over 100,000 systems, it enables machine learning and helps administrators to detect, diagnose and correct problems predictively.

    “HPE’s reinvention of HCI solutions with HPE Nimble Storage dHCI dramatically simplifies infrastructure for all applications. We designed the Nimble Storage dHCI solution for mission-critical applications and mixed workloads. As a result, IT costs can be massively reduced thanks to the agility gained and the flexible scaling of servers and storage systems.”

    Rolf Isler, Associate Sales Director of HPE Switzerland

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