Supervision is nowadays fundamental to guarantee the availability and security of your information system. Meanquest has chosen to partner with Centreon to meet the strategic challenge of real-time visibility essential to the sustainability of your IT systems.
    Centreon is an essential reference of the supervision market. Its platform is used by companies around the world to eliminate IT outages and costs and align their IT operations with their goals for growth and operational excellence.

    Who is Centreon?

    With the increasing complexity of IT environments, it has become essential for companies and their CIOs to have precise visibility into the operation and performance of the various types of infrastructure because they support business operations and therefore the overall functioning of the company.

    Centreon is a software editor of AIOps supervision which allows service continuity and operational excellence. The Centreon platform is recognized for its unique ability to monitor complex and convergent infrastructures from the Cloud to the Edge.

    Centreon was created in 2005, when its founders imagined an entirely new approach to computer monitoring, based on an Open Source platform.

    “By capitalizing on our Centreon Business Edition solution, Meanquest strengthens its offer to ensure the sustainability of their customers’ IT systems and to monitor their performance. Our collaboration is the image of our companies: innovative, agile and efficient. We are delighted to welcome Meanquest to our partner community and are excited to support future Swiss customers in their IT performance strategy with Centreon Business Edition.

    Marc-Antoine Hostier, Chief Operating Officer, Centreon

    Business-centric supervision

    The Centreon monitoring platform provides logical and business views and enhanced reporting to support your IT/business alignment efforts, a key element of operational performance and growth.

    End-to-end IT supervision

    Business performance depends more than ever on the quality of IT. The slightest IT malfunction can have far-reaching consequences at the business level, with impacts on your company’s turnover as well as on its image. In order to best manage information systems and guarantee service continuity, you must have the most effective management tools. For that, the complete functional coverage, the ergonomics and the interoperability of Centreon are assets.

    Centreon’s monitoring platform is known for its ability to monitor modern complex and converged infrastructures, whether they are local (on-premises), in the Cloud or on the Edge. Centreon provides IT teams with consolidated, business-focused metrics to improve problem resolution, optimize critical systems, and ultimately drive business performance excellence.

    By evolving towards “smart monitoring”, the Centreon platform allows to offer a complete visibility of your information system, whatever your architecture.

    Thanks to the automation of data collection, a widening of its scope and a centralized approach, monitoring offers a unique and global vision of the state of health of your IT.

    As a specialist in IT infrastructures, Meanquest has developed a real Supervision Expertise. We are a Centreon certified partner and as such offer advanced support around their solutions.

    Our team is at your disposal to advise you on your Monitoring project.

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