Nutanix hybrid cloud infrastructure: the new HCI paradigm

    Today, our customers must manage different types of environments: traditional environments – on premise, cloud environments – public, hybrid – or both. Some also have multi-cloud environments, with several providers and need a common denominator to manage this constellation of providers.

    Hyperconvergence makes it possible to respond to these issues. Compared to a traditional infrastructure, hyperconvergence encompasses the infrastructure elements in a group of shared resources, integrating storage distributed across the different nodes, deduplicated, compressed and optimized.

    With hyperconvergence the silos between storage, servers and networks are broken down in favor of efficiency and scalability.

    By 2025, the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) market is expected to grow by 27.86 % .” *

    The benefits of hyperconvergence are manifold. We can cite among others:

    • Simplicity
    • Flexibility
    • Responsiveness and cost control
    • Continuous scalability and flexibility

    Hyperconvergence responds to multiple use cases: virtualization of workstations, modernization of environments (eg SAP HANA), data management with optimization of access to storage, multicloud strategies.

    The common goal of all these use cases is obviously to optimize access to all available resources, but above all to accelerate your digital transformation.

    Webinar of 27.01.2022

    Nutanix hybrid cloud infrastructure: the new HCI paradigm.

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    The Nutanix Journey

    Nutanix technology helps simplify and unify the skill you need to access and optimize different environments.

    It offers the possibility of having a software platform to simplify the management of daily IT operations, from end to end to manage all environments.

    Rajiv Ramaswami, CEO of Nutanix explained that the acronym HCI no longer implies ” Hyper Converged Infrastructure” but rather ” Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure “.

    Finally, the evolution of this concept clearly shows Nutanix’s desire to take into account all IT environments on a daily basis, to simplify them and to offer a single point of access for all of your IT services, via a single console. management.

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