Meanquest supports the Helpcode Association

    To celebrate the end of 2021, we’ve decided to offer our customers a gift that’s a little different from the traditional end-of-year present. This gift could neither be unwrapped nor placed under the tree…

    We’re supporting the Helpcode association in the construction of a school in Mozambique!

    Helpcode is an organization that has been committed for 30 years to guaranteeing every child the protection of a family, a quality school and a community in which to grow and develop their potential.

    This intervention is part of the response to the damage caused by the two cyclones that hit the country in 2019, severely damaging over 4,000 classrooms.

    In return, we received the most beautiful gift of all: the smiles of schoolchildren at Maruro elementary school in the Gorongosa district. Indeed, the elementary school was officially inaugurated a few weeks ago. As you can see from the photos, it was a festive day, marking for many children the start of a promising future rich in prospects.

    In parallel with the construction of this school and 4 others, almost completed, and in accordance with the instructions of the Mozambican Ministry of Education, the Helpcode Association has distributed school and teaching materials to 950 pupils and 12 teachers.

    The association has also trained members of the school’s board of trustees on topics such as children’s rights and gender equality, to help guarantee access to safe, quality schooling for the boys and girls of Gorongosa.

    And now, off to school!

    Further information: https: //

    “We are very pleased with this partnership with Helpcode. We’ve provided significant support for this school project, and we’re delighted to be following the project’s progress.”

    Photos © Helpcode

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