Meanquest prepares 2023 with ambition!

    Our company has grown rapidly since leaving the MTF group, and the Meanquest adventure has been a great collective success.

    Our company’s growth has led us to review our organization to structure ourselves even better and prepare for the future.

    The aim is to provide an ever-higher level of service for our customers, and to enable our employees to proactively propose areas of improvement for the company. We’re confident about the future, and we know that collective intelligence will help us to move forward quickly.

    We would therefore like to inform you of the following changes within our organization:

    • Nicolas Crozat becomes Director of Operations and will oversee our continuous improvement and quality department.
    • Yves Laporte expands his scope to become head of the Service and Expertise department
    • Armand Bonnardin becomes Sales Director and oversees partnerships
    • Julie Gallet will be in charge of HR coordination, working with the HR Manager and the Recruitment Manager.

    Our Service and Expertise department is now structured into 4 business units to prepare for future growth:

    • BU Support
    • BU Security and Networks
    • BU Cloud Solutions
    • BU Infrastructure

    We remain available to answer any questions you may have about these changes.

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