Meanquest is proud of its new collaboration with the association “Espace Artistes Femmes” to promote women’s art and highlight the diversity and creative talents of female artists.

    The exhibition, entitled “Intimate Connections: Exploring Connected Being”, will feature works by 7 artists, from September 6 to December 14, 2023, with a vernissage on September 5, open to all.

    This exhibition is a powerful reminder of the importance of celebrating and supporting women artists, while encouraging ongoing collaboration between the fields of art and IT.

    By staging this exhibition on its premises and contrasting two distinct worlds, Meanquest aims to raise questions about the place of women in both the art and IT worlds.

    By celebrating women’s artistic creativity in a relatively male-dominated environment, this exhibition encourages us to look at things differently, and pave the way for a more inclusive and balanced culture.

    The collaboration between Meanquest and “Espace Artistes Femmes” sends a powerful message: we need to work towards a future where diversity and gender equality are celebrated in all fields, including technology.


    Many thanks to Marie Bagi for the organization and to the artists present: Sophie Bosselut, Cécile Goffart, Flavie Greuet, Daniela Markovic, Audrey Piguet, Alexandra Schaffer, Alexia Weil.


    About the “Espace Artistes Femmes” association

    The association is a new kind of art space – travelling and permanent – designed to give pride of place to women in the art world.

    The aim of president and founder Marie Bagi is to contribute to the artistic recognition of women by offering them a place where they are free to exhibit, talk about their art and share their experiences.

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