Are you familiar with the Nutanix solution? Nutanix is a forerunner in hyperconvergence solutions for the enterprise. Meanquest is a Nutanix partner and helps you to be more flexible and increase the productivity of your IT infrastructures through the use of hyperconvergence and the cloud. Meanquest will help you set up this tool and deploy it to your employees.

    Who is Nutanix?

    Nutanix is a software company in the field of cloud computing. Their vision is to simplify the management of IT infrastructure to make it easier to administer and use.
    Nutanix offers a solution that allows you to modernize the management of your IT infrastructure so you can focus on what is most valuable to you: your core business. It’s all about rethinking the IT infrastructure to help you save time and money but also to gain agility and efficiency in your projects.

    And what about hyperconvergence? Implementing the Nutanix solution allows you to simplify and optimize your IT systems. To put this solution into practice, Nutanix uses hyperconvergence and the cloud to decomplex and increase the productivity of your IT infrastructures.
    Hyperconvergence is an approach that brings together computing, storage and networking resources in a unified system, the IT infrastructure. It allows you to manage your resources from a unified interface. Hyperconverged infrastructure then combines common datacenter hardware that uses locally attached storage resources with intelligent software to create flexible building blocks that replace the traditional siloed infrastructure that includes storage networks, servers, etc.

    The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud solution fits any industry. It also allows you to modernize your datacenter, run any application at any scale and manage all your clouds, whether public or hybrid.

    A simplified Nutanix Cloud solution

    Nutanix helps IT teams simplify and go beyond the IT challenges they have set for themselves. It is important to be able to benefit from the technologies and IT services adapted to your requirements and needs. This solution is simple to understand but it is also simple to implement. Meanquest is here to support you and help you benefit from a more agile, more efficient, more scalable IT environment. If your question is “how do we replace our traditional IT systems and embrace the power of the cloud?” then we’re here to help.

    The benefits are numerous, even more so if your business is growing: you gain productivity from an IT infrastructure that is at the end of its life cycle and is no longer fully supported or cost-effective to run. You are also a winner on your resources and your budget. This Nutanix solution allows you to provide a better experience for your employees and make your IT department more proactive and central to your business. It’s time to build your own cloud. In addition, private clouds allow IT teams to provision infrastructure faster, adopt flexible consumption models and automate many operations.

    Depending on the size of your organization and the complexity of its infrastructure, you will need to adopt one or more strategies. Trust Meanquest to invest in Nutanix expertise, training, and certification for its teams. We already have success stories of Nutanix implementations with customers in various industries, including banking.

    In conclusion, using the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud solution means simplifying processes and avoiding silo work by using an innovative tool. It also means reducing IT complexity and costs. Finally, it will allow your IT teams to focus on more value-added business projects.

    Want to learn more about Nutanix’s hyperconverged solution?

    We are organizing a webinar,

    with the presence of Cédric Megroz, Channel Sales Manager at Nutanix to present this solution. Register now for our webinar on Thursday 27.01 at 10:30 am.

    Greenlake: Nutanix in pay-per-use mode with HPE

    Nutanix and HPE have signed a global partnership enabling them to provide Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software on HPE server technology. With a “pay as you use” logic, you benefit from the advantages of the Nutanix solution while controlling your costs, and enjoying the financial flexibility of the public cloud.

    The goal of this partnership is to be able to bring users an HPE managed hybrid cloud solution that will enable them to reduce their costs and return on investment. This partnership addresses various challenges by offering an attractive alternative to reduce complexity and costs. For enterprises that want to use Nutanix, the combination of these, HPE GreenLake and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS is ideal. HPE customers can leverage the solutions Nutanix offers to create an enterprise cloud that will provide the simplicity and agility of public cloud services with the security and control capability of the private cloud.

    Our company perfectly masters the HPE and Nutanix universes, which allows our Meanquest experts to accompany you in an individualized way and adapted to your needs.

    Want to implement Nutanix in your company?
    Meanquest supports you in this business project.