Are you looking for operational and financial flexibility? Do you want to simplify your IT?

    Now more than ever, you need to be able to adapt quickly to change.

    The shift to “As-a-Service” models is developing rapidly. Companies are recognizing the benefits of this, and are able to access the latest technologies at all times, without high investment costs.

    With Meanquest and HPE GreenLake, bring agility and flexibility to your Data Center and IT budget with monthly costs based on actual infrastructure usage.

    The HPE Greenlake Edge-to-Cloud Platform

    HPE GreenLake is a market-leading IT-as-a-Service offering that brings the best of the cloud to your on-premises infrastructure and unifies your devices, clouds and datacenters.

    Revolutionary measurement technology

    Use a payment model based on the use of your local infrastructure. This allows you to stay agile and smooth out unexpected usage spikes with a buffer of local IT resources and easy expansion options in the public cloud.

    Optimized and automated management

    HPE GreenLake Central’s centralized management gives you a unified view of your IT operations and enables infrastructure deployment, monitoring and management with cloud-native controls.

    All the workloads you need

    HPE GreenLake supports almost all HPE technologies. Depending on your needs, knowledge, and internal IT resources, you can choose from pre-configured end-to-end solutions or fully customized solutions. All options offer a wide range of infrastructure choices to meet your needs.

    The transition from traditional IT services to IT-as-a-service requires careful planning. Our experts will work with you to develop an effective action plan.

    “With GreenLake, customers get an ideal solution that perfectly combines agility, scalability and transparency. This model provides companies with scalable IT that can be flexibly implemented and adapted to business needs as and when required.”

    Rolf Isler, Partner Sales Manager