How to eliminate massive data fragmentation? The Cohesity multicloud platform allows you to eliminate data silos and simplify backup and recovery of your data sources.
    As a Cohesity partner, Meanquest invites you to explore the range of Cohesity solutions to simplify your data management. Protect, manage, and leverage the value of your data with the Cohesity Helios multicloud platform for data management.

    Who is Cohesity?

    Founded in 2013 by Nutanix co-founder Mohit Aron, Cohesity aims to reconcile primary and secondary storage with a hyperconverged solution that reduces data fragmentation.


    Cohesity’s mission is to radically simplify the way organizations manage their data and unlock unlimited value.

    Cohesity eliminates massive data fragmentation by consolidating silos onto a single, easy-to-manage software platform.

    Cohesity offers a full range of services: backup and recovery, disaster recovery, file sharing, object storage and data used for test/dev and analysis, compliance and security.


    Cohesity’s modern, forward-thinking architecture aligns with enterprise goals of maximizing the cost and economic efficiency of the public cloud while maintaining control.

    Cohesity’s approach to backup is innovative and disruptive. Cohesity’s modern, forward-thinking architecture aligns with enterprise goals of maximizing the cost and economic efficiency of the public cloud while maintaining control.
    It was clear to us that we needed to offer this new approach to our customers, especially those who have significant siloed data storage issues.

    Renaud Schweingruber, Sales Director, Meanquest.

    Cohesity Solutions – Cohesity Helios

    Cohesity Helios is a multi-cloud data platform that provides a full range of data management services, available as open source or SaaS software.

    Data Protection

    Simplify data protection, ensure data recovery and protect against ransomware with a modern, large-scale solution.

    Cohesity Smart Files

    Transform your NAS and improve data reduction and lower total cost of ownership with our easy-to-manage file and object solution.

    Cohesity SiteContinuity

    Disaster recovery (DR) orchestration, failover and automatic recovery for your mission-critical workloads.

    Ultra-simple backup and data management

    Secondary storage is a complex part of the datacenter (DevOps, data protection, analytics and other unstructured data) with specialized backup solutions that are typically not infinitely scalable, which amounts to silos and deduplication fragmentation.

    Cohesity intends to break down this rigid boundary between primary and secondary storage to help companies get more value out of their data, while taking back control of the different parts of backup to centralize operations with its distributed platform that straddles local and cloud resources.


    You choose Cohesity to dramatically simplify your operations and increase your efficiency on a large scale.

    • Simplified and centralized management of all environments, whether they are managed by yourself or by Cohesity, or in Backup as a Service (BaaS) mode
    • Rapid recovery from ransomware attacks with instant mass recovery and granular search to reduce downtime
    • Complete protection of traditional and modern data sources, SaaS and cloud-native.


    To conclude, with Meanquest and Cohesity, give value to your data. Trust Cohesity to make it easy to protect, manage, and leverage data, whether in the data center, at the edge, or in the cloud.

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