Infrastructure as a service

    Outsource all or part of your infrastructure to a private cloud in our datacenters

    Our Hosting offer gives you access to virtual dedicated servers, configured à la carte, according to your needs in terms of RAM, CPU and storage.
    Our solution eliminates costly hardware investments, over- or undersizing of IT resources, license renewals and long-term financial commitments. Pay for exactly what you need, and extend the service as your business grows.
    We offer you a high degree of flexibility, thanks to our flat-rate invoicing system.

    Our solutions, managed and administered by Meanquest teams, in Meanquest’s Datacenter in Switzerland

    Our IaaS offer takes just a few minutes to set up, because it’s a turnkey offering, managed by us in our own Datacenter. Our Cloud solution is based on industry-standard technologies, which are a real guarantee of reliability, performance and minimization of the risks associated with outsourcing.

    Depending on your needs, your sector of activity and the size of your organization, you may or may not use a shared infrastructure. Our cloud solutions give you both options.

    IaaS is invaluable for managing unpredictable demand and growing storage requirements, while simplifying the planning and management of backup and recovery systems.
    With IaaS, there’s no need to troubleshoot hardware problems or maintain or update software.

    Migration of your infrastructure to the Cloud

    Make your journey to the cloud simple and seamless. Our experienced engineers can help you draw up a plan to migrate your data to the cloud or upgrade your current cloud solution.
    Our Meanquest experts create a comprehensive migration roadmap to align your teams, minimize disruption and avoid surprises.

    Plus benefit from Meanquest’s support services.

    Your advantages

    Reduce or eliminate the total cost of ownership of traditional infrastructure
    Pay only for the resources you need
    Your data in Swiss data centers
    Save time setting up a Cloud solution
    Easily adapt your infrastructure to your needs