Global Survey 2021 – Creatio

    Low-code/No-code status

    The survey conducted by Creatio among 1’000 executives reveals that low-code is a key factor in digital transformation.

    From December 2020 to January 2021, our partner Creatio surveyed more than 1,000 high-level decision makers from various sectors and geographies to better understand the challenges and goals of digital transformation.

    To learn more about digital transformation trends and the future of low-code/no-code, download the full report.


    43% of respondents said that the main obstacle to digital transformation is the lack of qualified resources

    Despite COVID-19, 95% of respondents continued their digital transformation initiatives

    Out of 3 “citizen developers”, 2 have a technical profile and 1 is a business user

    Low-code technology is also used for customer-oriented processes and middle and back office processes


    • What organizations have prioritized to increase their operational effectiveness
    • How the merger of Low-code and No-code will change traditional business models
    • Why it is essential to create a Low-code/No-code company

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